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The Kill Order Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

  • Finally, the friends all reach the Berg.
  • Trina admits that she doesn't recognize Mark, though he does seem familiar.
  • Also, Deedee is immune, and Trina knows it. They need to get Deedee to people who matter.
  • Oh, and Trina is definitely sick, and she's starting to lose her mind. She twitches every once in a while.
  • Alec lifts the Berg up, and they finally reach the neighborhood he and Mark stayed at the night before. At least it's safe there.
  • Everyone starts sleeping, and Marks imagines throwing a piece of food at Alec. Ha, that'd be hilarious. Mark giggles.
  • Whoa, not cool. Mark realizes he's starting to lose his mind.
  • He can't sleep, so he searches the Berg for the workpads that they found earlier.
  • The third one he checks is fully functional and doesn't require a password. After a ton of searching, he finally finds a folder on it labeled KILL ORDER.

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