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The Kill Order Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

  • Mark doesn't have time to read every file, so he just starts opening random ones.
  • For the most part, the bulk of them are exchanges between someone named Mr. Spilker and Laden Lichliter. Both of them worked for the Post-Flares Coalition.
  • So let's take a look at some, shall we?
  • To Randall Spilker, from Ladena: I can't believe that meeting at the PCC today. And half the room even agreed with them!
  • Okay, first off, the PCC is a name we haven't seen yet.
  • Onto the next email.
  • To all board members, from Chancellor John Michael (Post-Flares Coalition Memorandum): The world has too many people. We need to think of a way to fix this problem.
  • To John Michael, from Katie Mcvoy: Hey man, I have an idea. There's a virus that attacks the brain and shuts it down. It could totally work.
  • To Katie, from John Michael: Yeah, that might be our only option. The world's going to run out of resources if we don't do this. You go work on the logistics.
  • To all board members, from John Michael: Okay people, here's an order from the Population Control Committee (PCC). We need to unleash a virus in certain locations that'll kill people. Okay?
  • After reading these things, Mark is spooked. Then he begins to cry, and screams as loud as he can.
  • Because he's shaking while screaming, he accidentally breaks the workpad. Great.
  • He then thinks of a plan: Bruce's people are going to Asheville to rebel against the people who gave those orders, so that's where Mark and his friends have to go.
  • Then he falls asleep, but dreams about something pleasant.

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