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The Kill Order Chapter 64

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Chapter 64

  • Mark runs to find a Transvice and then goes to Trina and Deedee.
  • Suddenly, three people fall through the ceiling: a man and two women.
  • Mark kicks one of the women and then disintegrates her with the Transvice. One down.
  • He also starts getting all Hulk-Mark again, kicking and punching and everything.
  • He shoots the Transvice at the remaining two people, killing them both.
  • But then a burst of laughter can be heard—there's still someone in the Berg.
  • Mark decides the best idea is to just get everyone to the cockpit.
  • On their way, a man appears from the ceiling, reaching out and grabbing Mark's Transvice. He then disappears into the rafters above, laughing and giggling.
  • Way to go Mark. That's twice now.

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