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The Kill Order Chapter 65

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Chapter 65

  • When they get to the cockpit, Alec is slouched over on the controls. He's out of it.
  • He perks up and says he can do it, though.
  • Deedee gets really scared at the sight of Alec, and she rushes to the cargo room.
  • Mark rushes after her, only to see the infected man pointing the Transvice at Deedee.
  • The stranger shouts that he knows who she is and that she's evil. Great, it's one of those yahoos from Deedee's settlement.
  • Mark then gets really angry again. The rage simmers in his veins and, in a burst of action, he rushes the man and knocks the weapon out of his hand.
  • He then knocks the man down and drags him across the room, all angry again.

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