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The Kill Order Chapter 67

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Chapter 67

  • Mark gets back to the cockpit and shouts that they need to get to the Flat Trans in Asheville. There's one there that people are taking to Alaska to meet up with the PFC.
  • They reach Asheville, and below is a man waving them on with a red flag. It's Bruce, the guy who gave the speech in the auditorium.
  • Hmm, okay.
  • The Berg lands on the other side of Bruce, and next to a building that says PFC Personnel Only.
  • A few last people are entering the building, probably the last PFC personnel left.
  • Mark snatches Deedee out of Trina's hands and rushes out of the Berg. He then gives Alec the whole, you know what to do line.
  • Mark jumps out of the Berg with Deedee and Trina—Mark is overcome with sadness at this point, realizing that he'll never see Alec again.
  • Mark carries Deedee inside the building, only to see two people jump through the Flat Trans before them.
  • He then brings Deedee to the Flat Trans and tells her his last piece of advice: On the other side of that should be people who will help you. Help them and they'll help you. There's something special about you.
  • Then he grabs a note that he wrote earlier and hands it to Deedee. The note reads that Deedee is immune to the Flare and that they need to use her before the crazy people attack.
  • Deedee, all brave and strong, runs through the Flat Trans. Meanwhile, Bruce and his swarm of crazy people are charging them.
  • Trina suddenly rushes to Mark and starts kissing him. Mark's is confused, but happy. But hey, he's about to die, so whatever.
  • Just then, they hear the noise of the Berg about to crash into the building—the plan was for Alec to kill them all (including the Flat Trans) after Deedee went through. That way, she'd be safe and the rest would be put out of their misery.
  • Just as the Berg is about to crash, Trina whispers something into Mark's ear: Mark.
  • Aww, she remembers him.

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