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The Kill Order Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  • After wiping his hands on his pants (you know, the best way to rid yourself of poison), he finds a wrench on the wall. Well, he has a weapon now too.
  • Alec is about one swing away from breaking the door open; the plan is to smash it open and then hide so that they aren't blown to pieces right away.
  • Alec deals the final blow, and immediately three darts fly through the air as footsteps are heard running away. It's only one person, and he missed.
  • Not only was there only one person, but whoever it was ran out of bullets and left the weapon on the ground.
  • Mark and Alec become the predators, chasing the man through the hallways of the Berg. But each door they find is locked.
  • Mark realizes that Alec used to be a pilot, so he's accustomed to being in Bergs. Ah, what a relief.
  • The person they're pursuing, a man, yells something indecipherable, and then he disappears through a round hatch that looks like it leads into the cockpit.
  • Just as the man starts to pull the door closed, Alec throws the sledgehammer into the opening and blocks it from closing.
  • Mark then sprints into the cockpit and finds a woman frantically pressing buttons.
  • He's then tackled from behind, but Alec whacks the man with the sledgehammer, sending him flying.
  • Alec and Mark shout at the man and the pilot, asking them who they are and to take them back home. The woman doesn't say anything, and the man says they're just nobodies sent to do dirty work.
  • Finally, the woman adds that they're just following orders with no emotion in her voice.
  • Suddenly the woman jams one of the levers downward and the Berg starts plummeting. Mark bangs his head on the control panels, and an explosion is heard after a loud smash.
  • While all of this is happening, something hard flies across the room and hits Mark in the head, causing him to black out.

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