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The Kill Order Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

  • Similar to how Thomas has memory dreams in the first three books of The Maze Runner series, Mark has memory-dreams as well. Except Mark's are pretty much exclusively nightmares.
  • In this dream, Mark is on the subtrans (so, the future-subway). He's pumped that a two-week school vacation is starting, and all he wants to do is hang out with Trina.
  • She's also sitting right across from him on the subtrans, oblivious to the fact that he's daydreaming about her.
  • Turns out that Trina has lived next door to him all of his life, so they've been best buds for quite a long time.
  • They start talking about their plans for vacation; Mark can't wait to hang out with his younger sister, Madison. We learn that he spoils her and really takes care of her.
  • He asks Trina if she wants to hang out, and she makes a quick joke about kissing in his basement.
  • Oh, snap!
  • But then she starts cracking up. Ugh, such a cruel joke. Mark totally has a crush on her, too.
  • Then all the sudden the lights in the subtrans go out, and it loses all power and slows. This is very odd, as the power underground has never gone out in Mark's lifetime.
  • He pulls out his palmphone (future cell-phone), but there's no service.
  • The subtrans comes to a stop, and people start rushing out of it like rats. In a minute or two, Trina and Mark are the only ones left.
  • They exit the train and see that the people all went to the left. Trina wants to go the opposite way because the people who ran to the left seemed odd. Like they were a mob.
  • Trina and Mark head right, and about ten minutes into their trek they hear screams up ahead. But not just normal screams—screams of pure terror.
  • Trina, being the brave soul she is, shouts that they need to help. Mark wants to run away, but to seem brave as well he follows her.
  • When they reach a wide platform of the substation, Mark sees a scene too horrific for him to even understand.
  • Bodies are on the floor, naked and burned. People are screaming and limping around with their clothes on fire, their faces half-melted, and blood is everywhere.
  • Also, a huge rush of heat pulses through the air, making them feel like they're in an oven.
  • Mark imagines his parents and his sister burning somewhere, and his heart breaks.

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