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The Kill Order Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • Wakey wakey—Alec is screaming at Mark to wake up. Thank goodness, we don't want to see any more of that memory.
  • Mark's head hurts a whole lot, and they're sitting in a clearing surrounded by trees. The Berg is crashed in between two oak trees.
  • Mark asks what happened, and Alec's response sums it up perfectly: "Not much to it. We crashed and I dragged your butt out here. Then I sat here and watched you roll around like you were having a bad dream" (9.16).
  • Alec says they need to search the Berg for whatever they can find; he already searched a little, and luckily the boxes with the darts were still closed and didn't spill.
  • Thirty minutes later they're both inside the Berg searching; they strike gold and find a fully functioning workpad, which is pretty much the future version of an iPad.
  • They bring the workpad outside, but all they find is games, books, old programs, etc.
  • Alec then finds the GPS app—though the satellites in the sky had been destroyed from the sun-flares, the app still has logs of where the Berg had gone.
  • They surmise that the headquarters of where the Berg was heading is about sixty miles away. They need to go there, but first they need to get back home to find their friends.
  • After camping in the woods for two nights, they finally reach the village. They're about a mile away when the stench of death hits them like a sudden heat wave.

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