Study Guide

The Kill Order Epilogue

By James Dashner

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  • Two years later: we're in the room of a woman who's very sad and crying.
  • She's giving her son away that day. Hmm, that reminds us of Thomas's mom.
  • The door opens, and two men and one woman step inside with black suits and protective masks.
  • These people reassure the woman that they'll find the cure.
  • The woman then hugs her son, crying uncontrollably.
  • The boy is extremely upset too, but he follows the people in the suits bravely.
  • Just as the people are about to leave, they look at a lightbulb in the room and say, You know what, we should name this kid Thomas after the person who invented the lightbulb.
  • Hmm, so Thomas isn't really his name?

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