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The Kill Order Friendship

By James Dashner

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You know that song by Bruno Mars where he claims he'd catch a grenade for someone? Well, that's a scenario that's more than possible in The Kill Order. And all of our main characters would not only catch the grenade for their friends, but they'd throw it back before it could explode.

Some people are fueled by the past, by rage, or by pure determination—but all of the characters are fueled the most by friendship. No man is left behind in this book, and the camaraderie seen here is similar to that of the Gladers.

Questions About Friendship

  1. How does Mark and Alec's relationship evolve throughout the book?
  2. Is Trina and Mark's romantic relationship a positive or negative?
  3. Alec is the one who is the closest to Lana; how does their friendship highlight Mark and Trina's?
  4. What connections can you draw from Mark and Alec's relationship to Minho and Thomas's?

Chew on This

The number one factor that drives the characters in this book is friendship. Each one survives as long as they can purely to help save their friends.

Alec becomes a father-figure to Mark by the end of the book, not just a close friend.

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