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The Kill Order Hatred/Rage

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Don't you just get angry when people fly into your village on an airship and shoot everyone with darts filled with poison? It's so annoying.

Okay, so maybe you've never experienced what our main characters have to go through, but boy-oh-boy is there a lot of hatred being tossed around in The Kill Order. But feeling bad is often the first thing you feel after some kind of natural disaster happens. It's pretty tough to feel happy, and maybe sorrow follows you around like a storm cloud. And then the worst thing happens—your emotions evolve; you start feeling paranoid, then emotionless, then indifferent, and then angrier than the Hulk on a bad day.

Questions About Hatred/Rage

  1. Is Mark's rage a flaw in his character or just a side effect of the Flare?
  2. Is Alec's rage (in general) a positive or a negative?
  3. Often times the characters feel hatred toward a "them" or "they," even though this "them" or "they" is unknown. Does the unknown factor into their hatred?

Chew on This

Mark's rage is half from the Flare, and half a part of his personality.

Alec's rage gets him into trouble more than it helps him.

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