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The Kill Order Spirituality

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Yup, there's a lot of spiritual business happening in The Kill Order. Mostly, it's from the crazies who desert Deedee and end up capturing her, Trina, and Lana. But spirituality isn't all demon nonsense and devil worship. Ever looked around for something as if it'd just magically appear? There's some spirituality in that. Ever blame something on something you know isn't present? You bet there's spirituality in that too.

Characters often use spirituality in The Kill Order to cope with sun-flares or to place the blame on someone. Which is odd, seeing that spirituality is usually juxtaposed with something like hope. In this case, there isn't much optimism going around… so the spirituality we see here is more morbid and unsettling.

Questions About Spirituality

  1. Are Mark and Alec (the protagonists) spiritual in any way?
  2. Is the spirituality displayed by the people from Deedee's settlement crazy? A coping mechanism? Something else?
  3. The Toad mentions God in the beginning of the book when the Berg descends. Do you think any of the main characters are religious or spiritual?

Chew on This

Characters use spirituality as a means of finding hope in this book.

Claiming that Deedee is evil is the only way the people from her settlement could reconcile with their tragedy, using her as a scapegoat.

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