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The Kill Order Suffering

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Honestly, who doesn't suffer in this series?

From the original Creators to the Gladers to the Cranks to our main characters in The Kill Order, everyone suffers in the Maze Runner trilogy. But for some people, especially Mark, the suffering is brought to the surface for us to see. The things he's seen in the past and the things he sees in this book's journey are enough to fill a whole book of suffering—not to mention, he suffers from the Flare himself.

Questions About Suffering

  1. Do Alec, Trina, and Mark suffer at the end of the book?
  2. How does Mark suffer throughout the whole book?
  3. How can you connect the suffering seen by Deedee to how Teresa is characterized in the other books?
  4. Do you think Lana suffered more or less from the Transvice?

Chew on This

Though she has her memory wiped, Teresa still has memory dreams about her past in the first three books of the Maze Runner trilogy—we just don't learn about them because she isn't the main character.

The suffering caused by the Flare was much worse than any kind of suffering that could have resulted from overpopulation.

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