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George Pickett in The Killer Angels

By Michael Shaara

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George Pickett

General Pickett is a classic Southern cavalier—all perfume and curls and chivalry. Buster Kilrain probably wouldn't be down with this dude at all, since Southern aristocracy is the very thing he hates. But Pickett is brave, despite the fact that he came last in his class at West Point. He also has a tender side, keeping a vow he made to his much younger wife not to ever touch liquor. Pickett is extremely eager to plunge into battle, and he's psyched that Lee wants his division to play a starring role on the third day of fighting.

Of course, after Pickett's Charge ends, the dude is totally deflated. His troops have been totally massacred, and he—rightly, if you ask Shaara—blames Lee for the slaughter.

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