Study Guide

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) Chapter 10

By Patrick Ness

Chapter 10

Food and Fire

  • The girl has taken a small box from inside the ship and starts building a fire from it. It's actually a machine that makes a campfire.
  • All of a sudden, Todd realizes how cold and achy he is. They sit by the fire and she brings out a pack of food, sharing it with him. She still just stares.
  • After warming up, it's time to keep moving. The girl barely looks back at her dead parents and Todd is kind of shocked by how heartless she seems.
  • As they trudge ahead, Todd is burdened by thinking about his own family at home, Ben and Cillian; the night seems endless.
  • Todd tricks himself into thinking that maybe the townspeople won't come after them… but then he remembers the girl, who they're definitely after.
  • They are awakened by a Noise. It's coming from a cassor. Oh wait—you don't know what a cassor it? It's a big bird with large talons that can kill you. But luckily, they're friendly animals.
  • Until now, these birds have only been legendary to Todd; he's never actually seen one.
  • The cassor starts following Manchee, pecking at him, when Todd is startled: The girl is actually laughing.
  • Todd finds himself wondering how she lives without Noise, which brings him to connect some really unfortunate dots.
  • Since she's a woman, the Noise germ will kill her if she gets it.
  • He also realizes that even though he can't hear her, she might be able to hear him.