Study Guide

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) Chapter 19

By Patrick Ness

Chapter 19

Further Choices of a Knife

  • Todd pulls out his knife and grips it in his hand; Matthew starts advancing on him, swinging a machete. But that's not all—he also has some sort of story to tell Todd.
  • First, Matthew tells Todd that his mother's name was Jessica. Um, okay. He opens up his Noise to Todd, and we don't hear what it is, but Todd is outraged and insists that whatever it says is a lie.
  • Todd yells at Manchee to run, but while Todd runs, the dog leaps at Matthew and bites him.
  • Manchee then gives a yelp of pain and runs off to a corner. Todd and Matthew wrestle; Matthew's machete is stuck in the ground.
  • Todd turns to find Manchee, which gives Matthew a chance to pull his weapon free and come at Todd once more.
  • Todd grips his knife—he really doesn't want to kill anyone. Meanwhile, however, a crowd is getting closer, drawn to the fight.
  • In a brilliant moment, Todd cuts some ropes holding silage rolls to the ceiling, and they fall on Matthew and bury him. Todd runs over to Manchee, who is covered in blood but whose tail is still wagging.
  • Francia comes running in and tells them to run inside. Bad news: A band of Prentisstown guys are attacking Farbranch.
  • In a moment of doubt, Todd begs Francia to not turn them in; Francia's insulted by the very idea.
  • Todd picks up wounded Manchee and runs to the house.
  • Hildy has gone off to protect her farm and find Tam.
  • They get back to the house and find Viola. Todd wants to run away so the men can't get them, but Francia insists that the town will hold their own.
  • Viola bandages Manchee's tail and they wait, listening to the fighting outside.
  • Viola begs Todd to let her go and send a message to her ship—and when they both realize that they want to go, they pack their things and set off for Haven.
  • Bad news (yes, more): Haven is a couple of weeks away.
  • Todd's mind is full of questions. Did Matthew Lyle die? Is what he said about Prentisstown true?
  • They turn to look back at Farbranch, and when they do, there is an entire army demolishing the town.