Study Guide

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) Chapter 22

By Patrick Ness

Chapter 22

Wilf and the Sea of Things

  • Todd and Viola hear a Noise that's a weird sort of singing, so they climb over a rock to get a better look and see a sea of what they can only describe as "creachers." Tall, silvery, fluffy cow-ish looking things, who are all "singing" one word: here.
  • Their beautiful melody brings them almost to tears.
  • They hear a voice and a man comes up to them in a cart pulled by oxen; he warns them to watch that they don't get trampled.
  • Viola introduces Todd and herself as Hildy and Ben, and the man introduces himself as Wilf, then offers to give them a ride.
  • Wilf doesn't seem very bright, because Todd and Viola are able to have a conversation on the seat next to him.
  • Todd and Viola get lost in the sea of creachers and their song. It's so fitting: All that matters in that field is being here. It reminds Todd of the sea, which he's never seen; they feel completely safe.
  • Their song has made Todd and Viola forget their present troubles. But Wilf interrupts that and, assuming that they're from Farbranch, asks if they've heard about the army.
  • They tell Wilf that there's trouble coming, and he should warn Brockley Falls (his settlement); eventually, they ask Wilf to drop them off.
  • They continue on foot, and when it starts to rain, they find shelter; they're both pretty calm still after all the here singing.
  • Todd and Viola decide to try hunting so they can find some food; Manchee suggests "horse" and they laugh. Then they realize he wasn't suggesting that they hunt horseā€”the pounding of hooves is getting closer.