Study Guide

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) Chapter 23

By Patrick Ness

Chapter 23

A Knife is Only as Good as the One Who Wields It

  • Todd and Viola run to hide from whoever is galloping toward them, but as the sound gets closer, Viola realizes that it's not the army—it's only one horse.
  • Todd tries to listen to the Noise, but can't identify it until he hears his own name. It's the mayor's son: Mr. Prentiss Jr.
  • He finds them. He knows Todd's Noise by heart, having grown up with him, and he can also tell that he's with someone who's silent.
  • Todd and Viola begin to run. They're running off the path, through trees, so that Prentiss Jr.'s horse can't get to them.
  • Prentiss Jr. catches Todd with a lasso, though, leaving Viola to run and Manchee to stay barking.
  • Prentiss Jr. teases Todd about Viola, and the fact that she ran from him—and then he starts making violent threats about finding Viola on his own, at which point Todd fights back. He punches Prentiss Jr. and runs off. But as seems to happen every time Todd's in a fight, his enemy catches up to him quickly.
  • Todd pins him to the ground, knife to his chin, and demands to know why they're chasing Viola and him—and Prentiss Jr. says they're only chasing him.
  • Prentiss Jr. taunts him, saying that he's not the type to kill, which, of course, he's totally right about. In no time at all, Todd has the knife taken from him and is lying on the ground again.