Study Guide

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) Chapter 25

By Patrick Ness

Chapter 25


  • Once again, the world makes no sense: The Spackles are all supposed to be dead.
  • His Noise is different from Todd's, made up of mixed up images and unlike Todd's, mixed with feelings.
  • The Spackle feels fear—Todd sees him think about reaching for his spear—and at the same time, Todd runs forward with his knife.
  • The two tumble in a fight. Todd realizes how lightweight the Spackle is, and how strong he is by comparison; Viola is screaming for him to stop.
  • But Todd will not be stopped this time, and drives the knife into the Spackle's chest, stabbing the Spackle until he's sure that it's dead. There's blood everywhere. And then Todd starts throwing up.
  • He tries to justify himself and tell Viola that the Spackles are the reason that all his people on the New World are dead, but once again, Viola comes back with wisdom: Todd should know by now that everything he's been taught is a lie.
  • Todd feels like a fool, and this blackness starts to wash over him. He can't believe that he's become a killer and he feels alone.
  • It's still raining as Todd tries to pull himself together; Viola just glowers at him.
  • Then they hear a rustle in the trees, and Aaron appears. Seriously, can't this guy die?
  • He grabs Viola by the neck and gags her with a cloth mixed with something that makes her faint, then he throws Todd to the ground with a wooden staff and brings the knife down on top of him.