Study Guide

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) Chapter 28

By Patrick Ness

Chapter 28

The Smell of Roots

  • Todd starts speaking gibberish to Wilf, telling him "she's gone." Wilf is with a woman, who tells Wilf that he has a fever.
  • Wilf remembers Todd, and seems to know that the names they gave him were fake; he and the woman he is with pick the boy up and put him in the cart.
  • The woman asks Todd if he's the one who told Wilf to warn his people—apparently they listened to him. Yay. Then Todd realizes that their cart is at the end of a long caravan.
  • They are part of a huge exodus fleeing from the army—to Haven.
  • Todd freaks out about wanting to find Viola and falls off the cart; they stop and load him back on.
  • The woman gives him bread, which he devours, and introduces herself as Jane.
  • Todd's head is wrapped in a horrible smelling rag, which drips gross stuff onto his face; Jane explains that it's drawing the fever out.
  • Todd tries to leave again, but Jane explains that they're in a dangerous area, full of people driven crazy by their Noise. These d\towns have all sorts of bizarre ways of life because the Noise has driven them mad.
  • Todd insists on leaving again.
  • And then Jane makes a huge mistake: She mentions the name of Todd's hometown. Immediately everyone is buzzing and turning to look at Todd.
  • Wilf slows down their cart so they fall behind. Jane packs a bag of food for Todd, and as he leaves, they warn him to be careful of the "crazies."