Study Guide

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) Chapter 33

By Patrick Ness

Chapter 33

Carbonel Downs

  • Todd and Viola go down to a bright sunny kitchen. There's music coming from outside that Viola explains is a loudspeaker; Todd asks if there's a festival going on.
  • Viola explains: The music plays to help men keep their thoughts to themselves.
  • She also points out that the men decide the rules in Carbonel Downs. The women all live in a dorm outside with the children, so the men can be left to make the rules by themselves. She complains that while Todd was sleeping, they wouldn't listen to a word she said.
  • Refugees are pouring in from other towns, which is why the elders want to talk to Todd.
  • Viola explains that they were in the boat for a day and a half, floating down the river. She tells horror stories of the poverty that she saw as they travelled. She didn't feel safe about stopping until she saw the doctor and his son fishing—she knew they could at least get help here.
  • She says that she's been very worried about Todd, and tears up as she mentions poor Manchee.
  • The good news? They're two days away from Haven.
  • Todd begins to ask her if she's okay from her time with Aaron, but Jacob walks in with the message that the doctor's ready for him.
  • Jacob says that only Todd is invited, but Todd sends the little boy back with the message that he and Viola will be there soon.
  • As they walk out the door, Todd feels the huge gaping hole of Manchee being gone. His little voice is still running through Todd's Noise.
  • As they get nearer to the doctor's house, the music gets louder. It's weird. But then something weirder happens. Through the music Todd hears a song that he recognizes: It's Ben's song.