Study Guide

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) Chapter 34

By Patrick Ness

Chapter 34

Oh Never Leave Me

  • Todd runs down the river's edge, where the song is coming from, and finds Ben crouched under a tree, watching Todd run toward him.
  • Todd feels like finally everything is going to be okay.
  • Todd asks about Cillian, and Ben opens up his Noise to a scene where Ben is running toward their burning barn, while Cillian and some of the Mayor's men are trapped inside.
  • Both are full of sadness at the loss of Cillian and Manchee.
  • Ben says hello to Viola and then tells them that there isn't a lot of time; he looks tired and worn, like he's been travelling, too.
  • He takes Todd aside: The army is coming and he needs to get to Haven as soon as possible. Ben can't come with him, though, because men from Prentisstown are outcasts to the rest of the world.
  • He's been looking for news of Todd and Viola. Todd tells him the whole story, but when he gets to the part about the Spackle, he turns silent. Ben tells him to forgive himself; that he did what he had to in the moment.
  • He is about to tell Todd "the truth"—something really important—but hoof beats are coming up the road. A man on horseback crosses the bridge into the town, probably a messenger.
  • Ben reminds Todd and Viola that they need to get to Haven quickly. They pelt him with questions about whether Haven will have everything that they need, but Ben can't answer—he hasn't been there in years.
  • He tells them that there is always hope, though.
  • Todd asks what this truth is again, and Ben is about to say something when they notice that Doctor Snow is leading a group of men toward them. Todd tells Ben to run, but Ben won't leave him again.
  • Doctor Snow asks about Ben, and doesn't sound happy.