Study Guide

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) Chapter 35

By Patrick Ness

Chapter 35

The Law

  • Todd introduces Ben as his dad, and Doctor Snow warns him about making this claim—he says that the two of them look like spies from Prentisstown.
  • Todd defends Viola when they make a comment about her being a dumb girl, pointing out that actually she's her own person and deserves respect.
  • A man with a birthmark causes a fuss, saying that they have a Prentisstown army marching toward them and their timing is suspicious.
  • Todd hears all of their angry Noise focusing their fury about Prentisstown on Ben.
  • The men are arguing with Ben about some law that Todd doesn't know about, and Ben defends Todd, saying that he's innocent.
  • They are about to send Viola and Todd away and do something to Ben (according to the law, whatever it is) when they hear hoof beats. In a scuffle (which includes Todd slicing the birthmark-guy's hand) Doctor Snow ceases fire, telling his men that they have to protect their own town, and that Todd, Viola, and Ben are free to go.
  • Ben wants to part ways with them to keep them safe, but Todd and Viola insist that they come along.