Study Guide

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) Chapter 38

By Patrick Ness

Chapter 38

I Heard a Maiden Call

  • Viola begins to read the diary in a "Prentisstown accent." (We'd totally like to hear that, by the way.) Todd's mom is writing the book to Baby Todd, and she tells him that they live in a wonderful New World, even though it's a difficult life.
  • She tells him about the Noise and the Mayor Prentiss, who convinced Mayor Elizabeth that the town should be built far away from the rest (red flag).
  • She tells him about Aaron, and sounds a bit suspicious about his preaching; she also tells Todd about the Spackle, whom she believes are gentle and intelligent creatures (even though many people in Prentisstown think they're animals).
  • As Viola reads on, it seems like Todd's mom is putting a rosy tint on some dark feelings, but she stops herself from saying anything outright.
  • She tells Todd that she sees all of the good and pushes through because she loves him.
  • She also writes out the lyrics to a song—the song that Ben used to sing. Viola sings it out loud, and it gives Todd goose bumps.
  • Todd's mom tells her that the song is meant to show him that his mother will always be there for him.
  • Viola stops there and his mother's promise rings in his ears. He watches Viola, mesmerized.
  • He knows what she's thinking: She's been reading the diary, pretending it was her own parents, telling her they love her.
  • Todd feels so confident that he understands Viola, and the she gets him.
  • He says her name and reaches her hand up toward her, and all she says back is "I know."