Study Guide

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) Chapter 4

By Patrick Ness

Chapter 4

Don't Think It

  • Cillian comes running up to them, but before he can say anything, Ben tells him "don't think it!" (4.1). Cillian is pale with fear.
  • Todd tries to ask questions, but Ben just keeps telling him to hide the thought of what he saw with his Noise. Ben and Cillian are hiding their own thoughts from Todd, who is dying to know what's going on.
  • They take Todd back to their house and pack some things for him quickly, including a book that was hidden in the floorboard. As they bustle around, Todd tries to tell them that he's not leaving without an explanation.
  • Someone knocks at the door. It's Mr. Prentiss Jr., the mayor's son—he's heard their Noise and demands to talk with Todd.
  • Cillian won't let him in and insists that Todd is busy and has work to do. After hearing a scuffle, Ben and Todd run into the other room and see Cillian pointing Prentice Jr.'s own gun at his head, which is bloody from a punch.
  • Prentice Jr. runs out the door, and Cillian and Ben force Todd to leave. As they both say goodbye, Todd is angry that they won't give him any more information.