Study Guide

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) Chapter 6

By Patrick Ness

Chapter 6

The Knife in Front of Me

  • Todd realizes that the banging noise was Cillian creating a diversion.
  • When Todd and Manchee reach the marsh, it isn't long before they hear Noise of crocodiles. And sure enough, within minutes, a croc springs out of the water; Todd and Manchee start running for their lives.
  • After a moment of frenzy, Todd stops running; he realizes that he's stabbed the croc to death with his sharp hunting knife. While he and the dog are panting in relief, though, more trouble shows up: Aaron (the preacher) towers over them, asking where they're going.
  • In a terrible twist, Aaron makes a confession: He's actually responsible for the Todd-hunting since he made it possible for the town to hear the hole in Todd's Noise—all of which he explains while violently kicking and punching Todd.
  • Aaron tells Todd "It's mine" (6.56), which doesn't make any sense to Todd. But just then a crocodile reappears and mauls Aaron, who falls into the swamp and gives Todd and Manchee an opportunity to run. Thanks, croc.
  • They run to the Spackle building they went to the day before, and start to hear the "loud" quiet (a.k.a. the hole in the noise) a little ways away.
  • Gripping his knife, Todd runs at the silence and then stops dead in his tracks. In front of them, cowering in fear, is the last thing on earth Todd expected to see: a girl.