Study Guide

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) Chapter 9

By Patrick Ness

Chapter 9

When Luck Ain't With You

  • It's now nighttime as Todd and the girl move away from the scene of the crime. Todd is still holding the knife, which he feels is taunting him by gleaming in the moonlight.
  • Todd is a physical mess after his encounter with Aaron and his head pounds with Noise from Prentisstown. He opens up the map again and looks at the path they have to take to reach a new settlement.
  • He tries to explain this to the girl, but she still just stares blankly. Does she speak his language, or is she still just choosing to be silent?
  • Then the girl gets up and starts walking around, as if she recognizes where they are. She disappears into the trees, and Todd and Manchee have no choice but to follow her.
  • They all come across something large and metal, and after looking around the site, which is burning a little, Todd realizes it's a giant spaceship.
  • He remembers hearing that the first settlers arrived and lived in these ships. Could the girl possibly be from the Old World?
  • She takes them to a side of the ship where there are two dead bodies, obviously killed from the crash. They must be the girls' parents.
  • Todd doesn't know where they came from, but all that matters to him is that this poor girl survived while her parents both died. Since the bodies kind of smell, she must have been hanging out for a while.
  • The girl looks at him, vacant as ever, and climbs into the ship.