Study Guide

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) Part 3 / Chapter 13

By Patrick Ness

Part 3 / Chapter 13

Across the Bridge

  • Todd and Viola exchange an awkward official introduction, amid the flames and smoke of the burning bridge.
  • Todd wants to ask Viola tons of questions, but is still too stunned from the explosion. Plus, Viola is back to her usual silence; she may be thinking, but he can't hear her thoughts.
  • The path they're walking on gets rocky and lizards are slithering around the trees.
  • Viola mentions something about Todd's face, which has been messed up from his little fit of rage and Aaron's blows.
  • She pulls some bandages out of her bag and starts wrapping his head; the bandages start healing his wounds at first touch.
  • Then Viola starts pounding Todd with questions. Why does his dog talk? Where is she? Why can she hear his thoughts?
  • He explains that the people like him are settlers in the New World, who were put down by aliens, the Spackles. As far as the animals go, the Spackles released a germ that was supposed to kill all the livestock but made animals talk instead. And then he explains the Noise germ.
  • Viola asks if she is going to die of the germ, but Todd can't say.
  • She mentions the book that he was reading and translates the line that he was trying to read. Todd feels dumb about not knowing what it said, but neither of them can figure out who needs to warn whom about what.
  • Then they hear a gun being cocked and a voice asking why they burnt the bridge down.