Study Guide

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) Part 4 / Chapter 20

By Patrick Ness

Part 4 / Chapter 20

Army of Men

  • Viola asks Todd about the army, and Todd explains that it's basically every man in Prentisstown. They get out the binoculars and take a look: Mr. Prentiss Jr. is among the many men that Todd recognizes, shooting down crowds of people; it's a nauseating sight.
  • Todd can't understand how all these men are even fighting. Were they all that bad all along? Then he sees the reason in the form of the Mayor, who is riding around, supervising.
  • Viola is begging to leave, but Todd is still searching. He doesn't see Ben and Cillian, and while at first this makes him proud, he then realizes they must be dead.
  • They move along quickly until they see a fork in the road. Classic dilemma. One looks like the right direction, but the other path looks more travelled. They choose the less travelled path.
  • Todd and Viola both realize that they desperately need water. They think about stopping at another town, but then Viola brings up a really valid point: They just can't put anyone else in danger. And this mean they can't stop until they reach Haven.
  • Todd starts practicing his mind-thing where he centers himself by remembering who he is: Todd Hewitt. Viola tells him her full name: Viola Eade.