Study Guide

The Lathe of Heaven Chapter 11

By Ursula K. LeGuin

Chapter 11

  • An alien finds George wandering through the rubble of the world. The alien takes him into his apartment and tells him to go to sleep.
  • George sleeps, then dreams—and the world doesn't end.
  • A few months later, it seems like things have settled down. The trees are in bloom, and people have regained their mental health. Well, except for Dr. Haber: he's still so crazy that even the other patients are afraid of him.
  • These days, George is working for one of the aliens. After the Break, the government had been so messed up that many small businesses sprang up to meet the demands of people. The aliens own many of them, and they had to hire humans in order to get anything done.
  • One day at work, George hears a very familiar voice.
  • It's Heather. She's not a lawyer, and she's not gray, and she doesn't remember much about the past, but the fact that she exists is enough for George.
  • George invites Heather out for a tea that they have missed for several realities, and his boss gives him the evening off. Looks like they'll finally be able to have that date, after all.