Study Guide

Festus in The Lost Hero

By Rick Riordan

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Leo's dragon, Festus, is probably our favorite character. The reason is simple: Animals are better than people. Festus tips his head and oil gushes out and we sees our cat vomiting on the carpet. (Our cat totally wouldn't rescue us for monsters, which is minus one point for our cat.)

Festus is the cute cat video in the middle of The Lost Hero, and everyone loves cute cat videos, even evil Cyclopes (and if they don't, we don't want to hear about it). We could hardly believe that the novel smashed Festus to pieces—have you no heart, novel? But at least Festus'll be back as part of the Argus II in the sequel. We're not sure if Festus will be as cute in boat form as he is in dragon form, but we're is willing to find out.

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