Study Guide

The Lost Hero Chapter 10

By Rick Riordan

Chapter 10


  • At the campfire there's a recap of action so far: Annabeth says they didn't find Percy, and Nyssa says Cabin Nine is still trying to find the dragon.
  • Drew asks Rachel if the great prophecy has begun, and Rachel says it has. Cue dramatic movie music.
  • The prophecy is about seven demigods who do something at the door of death. Rachel repeats the first two lines and Jason surprises everyone by finishing the last two in Latin.
  • Rachel says they don't know what the great prophecy means, but Hera has been captured and there needs to be a quest to find her.
  • Jason agrees to lead the quest, which must be completed in four days, when it's the winter solstice.
  • Someone asks why Jason hasn't been claimed, and Chiron says he has been. Jason proves it by pulling out his cool sword, only this time it's a spear. He makes electric stuff happen and everyone is impressed.
  • They also figure out that he's the son of Zeus, or Jupiter in Latin.
  • Rachel gives another prophecy, this time just for Jason: Jupiter's kid needs to be afraid of earth, and the forge and dove shall free Hera. The prophecy also says that letting Hera go will cause lots of death, though. Good times.
  • Jason gets to choose his companions, but Annabeth won't be among them—she says she has to look for Percy. So devoted.
  • Nyssa volunteers unenthusiastically for the quest, but Leo says he can find transport that won't touch the earth, since the prophecy said to beware of the earth.
  • Jason says if Leo can find transport, he's in. Though why not let him in even if he can't find transport? Nobody else seems to actually want to go.
  • Drew volunteers to be the second one to go on the quest since the dove is Aphrodite. She almost persuades everyone (using Aphrodite persuasion powers), but then Piper stands up and says she should be the one to go instead. Just like Drew, she's weirdly persuasive.
  • All of a sudden Piper finds herself wearing fancy clothes and make-up, and just like that, she's been claimed by Aphrodite.
  • Jason says she's beautiful, but the moment is somewhat diminished by the fact that everyone is staring at her; plus, Piper isn't too keen on finding out that Aphrodite is her mother (she was hoping for BeyoncĂ©).

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