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The Lost Hero Chapter 12

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Chapter 12


  • Leo goes into the woods hunting for the dragon.
  • He finds a trap Cabin Nine has set: a giant vat of motor oil and Tabasco sauce in the middle of a net. Leo senses the hidden net because he's a son of Hephaestus and they can do that.
  • Leo's trying to find the trigger for the net when the mechanical dragon shows up.
  • Leo asks the dragon why it doesn't have wings, and the dragon seems confused before blowing fire all over Leo. Then the dragon is even more confused because Leo hasn't been burnt to a crisp.
  • So the dragon charges, the trap goes off, and Leo and the dragon are hoisted together in a big net.
  • Leo wiggles free and opens up the dragon's head. He finds out that the dragon has a corroded control disk, which is why the critter is acting so weird.
  • Clean off the control disk and all should be well, right? Leo gives it a shot, and it seems to work. The dragon gets a lot friendlier.
  • Leo names him Festus. He tells the dragon again it's too bad he doesn't have wings, and the dragon gestures for him to get on his back. Then they run off into the woods.
  • Festus shows him a secret door, which leads to a secret workroom with amazing secret equipment and secret blueprints and other super secret clubhouse kind of stuff. The room is named Bunker Nine.
  • Bunker Nine seems to have been long abandoned… since 1864 to be precise.
  • There's a drawing of the flying ship Leo drew when he was five, and the ship has a dragon figurehead that looks like Festus.
  • Festus gives Leo a tool belt and shows him something hanging up in the rafters. (Guess what it is?)

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