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The Lost Hero Chapter 14

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Chapter 14


  • Jason wakes up in Zeus's cabin. Nobody else lives there, so it's just Jason and a big creepy statue of Zeus. Not very comforting.
  • He remembers asking Piper to go on the quest after she'd turned all beautiful. Her snowboarding jacket disappeared when her mom claimed her and zapped her into the glamorous gown, so Jason gave her a blanket to keep her from being cold. Aren't moms supposed to be worried about their kids getting cold?
  • Jason finds a bedroll in the corner along with some pictures. He's looking at a picture of a girl when Annabeth comes in and tells him the picture is of Thalia, another child of Zeus. Annabeth also says she's not coming on the quest because she has to look for Percy. We know, Annabeth, we know.
  • Jason tells Annabeth about his dream, but she doesn't have many helpful insights.
  • She does suggest following the wind spirits back to their ruler as a way to start the quest, though. She thinks that Boreas, god of the north wind, might be able to help.
  • Annabeth also tells Jason that Thalia is a Hunter of Artemis and has a complicated history (she was a tree, now she's immortal).
  • Jason asks for her last name, and Annabeth says it's "Grace." This sends Jason into a kind of seizure, and he tells Annabeth he's suddenly remembered that Thalia is his sister.
  • Butch and some other kids rush in to tell them that the dragon is back. Something is always happening here at Camp Half-Blood.

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