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The Lost Hero Chapter 15

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Chapter 15


  • Piper wakes up in the Aphrodite cabin, where she went after the campfire. She looks in a mirror and sees she's still all glamorous. Ick.
  • Drew comes over to taunt her and be awful, and then starts ordering everybody around.
  • Piper asks all the Aphrodite kids why they let Drew treat them so badly, but they just scurry around cleaning.
  • She sees a picture of her dad in King of Sparta. Her dad is the famous actor Tristan McClean, and this is his most famous movie role ever, with his most ridiculous poster.
  • She remembers Jason being nice to her after the claiming. Aw.
  • She makes friends with two kids named Mitchell and Lucy, and Lucy gives her a backpack of supplies for the quest that the Aphrodite bunk put together.
  • Mitchell explains that the other kids are afraid of Drew because she can charmspeak, which means she can convince them to do embarrassing things.
  • Piper feels like Drew knows that she is considering betraying her friends in order save her father from the giant. Drew probably doesn't though, and Piper is just being paranoid… which is understandable when a giant is going to eat your dad.
  • Piper tells them her dad was Tristan McClean, causing everyone to freak out and squee.
  • The kids tell Piper about the Aphrodite rite of passage: You make someone fall in love with you and break their heart. Piper thinks this is awful, and we agree completely.
  • Piper tells the kids to stand up to Drew, though she's not sure whether she's charmspeaking them herself or not. She also tells Drew that Aphrodite isn't about what Drew thinks she's about. She can't say what Aphrodite is about, though, so she gives up on talking to Drew and heads off.
  • And then she sees the dragon flying down.

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