Study Guide

The Lost Hero Chapter 18

By Rick Riordan

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Chapter 18


  • They reach Queb├ęc, which is where Boreas hangs out.
  • Two angel guys come out to meet them. One, Cal, is ugly and thuggish and wants to destroy them. The other, Zethes, seems intent on being an eighties love god and wants to romance Piper. Our heroes aren't sure which is worse.
  • They say they're the sons of Boreas, and have to destroy the demigods.
  • But Piper uses her Aphrodite magic and convinces Cal and Zethes to let them land.
  • Once they're down, Leo presses a stud and the dragon turns into a piece of luggage.
  • Zethes and Cal figure out that Leo is fiery, which makes them mad because they are north wind cold people.
  • They are going to destroy Leo, but Jason mentions he's a son of Zeus and they get distracted.
  • They also debate whether Jason is the same guy who led the quest for the Golden Fleece, which Cal and Zethes went on, but in the end they decide he isn't.
  • Then Cal and Zethes's sister shows up and says Jason is the one they're waiting for and that she'll bring him to her father.
  • Leo has to stay behind because fire and ice don't mix, though he sort of falls in love at first sight with the ice sister. This is probably a bad idea.
  • Anyway, the others aren't sure whether or not to leave Leo, but he tells them to go ahead and he stays behind with Cal.

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