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The Lost Hero Chapter 19

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Chapter 19


  • Jason, Piper, Zethes, and the ice sister go to meet Boreas. Jason is freaking out and takes Piper's hand. Snow sister sees and freezes his fingers so he has to let go. She makes some excuse about warmth being verboten, but it seems like she's just jealous or weird or creepy or maybe all those things.
  • Jason starts thinking about Thalia and Hera, and then there's a solid chunk of rehashing things we already know, in case we missed them the first time.
  • More vague threats from snow sister, who seems to be coming on to Jason.
  • Snow sister says she'll translate for Boreas, and also that her name is Khione, goddess of snow (she's not well-known in the Greek pantheon because the Greeks lived in Greece, where there's not a ton of snow).

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