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The Lost Hero Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


  • The storm gets worse and worse, and Leo almost falls into the canyon but Jason saves him. Our hero.
  • Piper also remains calm and helps out, because she is heroic also.
  • The doors close with Jason, Leo, Piper, Hedge, and Dylan outside.
  • Piper yells to Dylan to help her open them, but instead of helping Dylan gets weird. Super weird.
  • Hedge's hat blows off revealing horns, and the baseball bat he was carrying is suddenly a tree-branch club.
  • Dylan starts making bad guy threats, and creates a funnel cloud that throws Leo off the canyon. Leo skitters down the side and manages to grab a ledge.
  • Hedge gives Jason his club and tells him to keep Dylan busy. He then takes off his shoes but, instead of stinky man feet, he has goat hooves. Yup—he's a satyr.
  • But we don't care, because Hedge goes off to save Leo.
  • Jason throws the club, klonking Dylan on the head. Strangely enough, Dylan bleeds golden blood, which is something we never knew we wished for, but we totally wish for now.
  • Jason realizes Dylan is a storm spirit, though he doesn't know how he knows (still with the amnesia).
  • Two more storm spirits show up, and Piper is ready to bash them from behind with the tree-branch club if she can.
  • Dylan zaps Jason with lightning, which should kill him, except it doesn't because… drum roll please… he has superpowers. (Are you surprised?)
  • Jason pulls out his coin, which turns into a magic sword, and he uses it to disintegrate the two henchmen storm spirits, much to Dylan's dismay.
  • Hedge gets back up the canyon with Leo.
  • Dylan is still ranting because that is what monsters do. He says something about his mistress calling him back, and tries to take Jason with him up into the sky, but Piper tackles him.
  • Dylan tries to grab Leo next, but Hedge attacks him, and so he ends up taking Hedge instead. Will his mistress be okay if he shows up with a goat instead of a kid? It seems unlikely, but those are the risks you take if you're an evil storm spirit.
  • Meanwhile Piper was knocked over the edge of the canyon. Jason leaps over the edge to save her.
  • He figures he'll just die too, but it turns out he can fly so he does the Superman-saving-Lois-Lane thing instead.
  • They fly back up to where Leo is semi-conscious at the top, and they all agree that they are super freaked out.
  • And then the flying horses show up.
  • Annabeth Chase and Butch get off the chariot. Annabeth is upset because they aren't the people she was searching for.
  • Butch points out that Jason is missing a shoe, and so appears to be the person they were sent to get, because a prophecy told them to find someone missing a shoe… which seems like a stupid thing for a prophecy to say, but nobody comments on that, probably out of politeness.
  • Annabeth is mad and screams at the sky for deceiving her. The sky tells her to chill out (actually, it just sits there, as skies will, saying nothing).
  • Despite her frustration with the sky, Annabeth and Butch decide to take Leo, Piper, and Jason back to camp.
  • Butch explains that Annabeth is looking for her boyfriend, Percy Jackson, who has gone missing.

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