Study Guide

The Lost Hero Chapter 20

By Rick Riordan

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Chapter 20


  • They go in to Boreas's hall, which is filled with mobile ice statues. The ice statues think about killing them but Boreas tells them not to. Good ice statues.
  • Boreas speaks French—and surprisingly so does Piper, because French is the language of love so all of Aphrodite's kids speak it. This doesn't actually make much sense (ancient Greeks didn't speak French) but nobody questions is, so Shmoop won't either.
  • Boreas has orders from his boss Aeolus to kill them. Aeolus is cranky because the death of Typhon in the big battle from the Percy Jackson books released a bunch of storm spirits, and Aeolus had to clean them all up himself without help from any of the other gods. So he commanded all demigods killed.
  • Aeolus also said that Boreas should listen to a son of Zeus first before deciding whether to destroy him.
  • Khione wants Boreas to give her Jason as a present, and Zethes wants Piper as a present. Maybe they'd settle for Amazon gift certificates instead?
  • Khione strokes Jason's neck and he gives her a nasty electric shock.
  • More talk of killing them, but Jason tells them to quit it because Hera is in trouble and will be displeased if they're killed. So Boreas listens and says he knows where to find the storm spirits they're looking for. Coach Hedge will probably be there too, they figure.
  • Piper says if he tells them where the storm spirits are, they'll capture them and bring them to Aeolus, who would thank Boreas. Boreas isn't convinced, though.
  • Then he sees the tattoo on Jason's arm, and transforms into his Roman form, Aquilon. As Aquilon, he's very amused and says he'll let them all go because Hera's plan is going to fail and they'll destroy each other anyway.
  • He then tells them that they can find the person controlling the winds in Chicago, but says she's only a servant of the real big boss bad guy.
  • He lets them go over Khione's protests, and Khione threatens them as they go out. Jason tells her she's a spoiled kid, which angers her.
  • Zethes is friendlier about their departure, though, and Cal and Leo seem to have gotten along well.

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