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The Lost Hero Chapter 21

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Chapter 21


  • Piper thinks about how she's going to have to betray her friends. She also recaps plot events from last chapter in case you missed them.
  • She remembers talking to her dad about Cherokee stories, about how the stars are magic hedgehogs, and about the Greek myths about the constellations.
  • She asked her dad why he never took Native American roles, and he said it's easier to pretend to be things he's not.
  • She falls asleep on Jason's chest and then has another dream about Enceladas where he threatens her father some more. He shows her where he is so she can lead her friends there and he can kill them.
  • She tells him she'll save her father and her friends, and he tells her he'll bring her to earth for being so pompous. So there. (Giants are snotty like that.)

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