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The Lost Hero Chapter 22

By Rick Riordan

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Chapter 22


  • As it turns out, the whole bring-her-to-earth threat is literal: Piper wakes up falling through the air.
  • Jason saves her, and she's relieved, but also a little cranky that the only time he grabs her and hugs her is when she is falling to her death.
  • They go for Leo and get him; he shouts for them to save Festus, but that is not going to happen.
  • They crash land on the roof of a warehouse and Piper hurts her foot.
  • Leo pulls first aid supplies out of his belt much to their surprise—it's a magic belt, he explains.
  • They also get ambrosia out of Piper's backpack, and it helps. Then they splint her leg, which hurts a lot.
  • Piper asks about the dragon, and Leo says Festus seemed to hit an invisible wall. Piper thinks the giant did it, but then can't figure out why he needs her if he can kill them all from a distance.
  • Leo says they seem to be in Detroit—the plant is a Monocle Motors plant, and its symbol is a single eye.
  • They wonder if they can travel over land or if Jason could carry them, but none of that seems likely to work, so then they wonder if Leo can fix Festus.
  • Piper says it's her fault the dragon crashed since she defied the giant, but they think she's just freaked out from the crash.
  • Leo goes off to see if he can find the dragon and repair it.
  • Jason and Piper talk; she asks him about the photo in his pocket and is extremely relieved when she finds out that it's his sister.
  • They hear something in the warehouse, and Jason goes off to investigate the sound. He would know this is a bad idea if he'd seen more horror movies.
  • Piper hears a sound again.
  • She takes more ambrosia and her leg seems healed, so she removes the splint.
  • There's a sound on the stairs, and then Jason's voice calls to her.
  • Only it turns out that it's actually not Jason but a Cyclops imitating Jason's voice, which seems a little unfair on the part of the Cyclops.
  • It tells her it's going to eat her. At least now it's honest.

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