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The Lost Hero Chapter 23

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Chapter 23


  • Leo finds Festus crash-landed on some porta potties. Needless to say, it is stinky and disgusting.
  • He finds out that Festus isn't broken, but somehow something flash froze the controls in his brain.
  • The control disk—which is irreplaceable—is busted, and Leo isn't sure how he's going to fix it. He summons the cleaning apparatus from his trusty control belt and gives it a shot.
  • As he works, Leo thinks about how he's going to have to explain his control of fire to his friends soon.
  • Leo admits that he felt left out when Piper and Jason started dating. When it turned out that never actually happened, he'd hoped they could all be friends and he wouldn't be left out anymore. Leo's a little sad that Jason and Piper seem like they're becoming boyfriend-girlfriend again, and he feels unimportant.
  • Then the evil earth-woman suddenly speaks to him from a pool of porta potty muck and promises him that he is important, and that she'll help him out if he just walks away now and dooms the quest.
  • You might think Leo would be grateful to know he is important, but he is not. Instead, he throws a toilet seat at her and she disappears.
  • He hears sounds from the factory and knows Jason and Piper are in trouble, so he gets a big hammer from his belt and goes to save them. Leo to the rescue.

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