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The Lost Hero Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


  • Jason wakes up in chains, thinking he might be dead, but then he has a vision. (Every time these kids close their eyes they have a vision, just about. You'd think they'd get tired of it after a while.)
  • He sees an earthen cage with tree root tendrils around it. Inside the cage is Hera.
  • Hera says she can't get out of the cage, which we knew already (otherwise she wouldn't need to be rescued… duh).
  • Hera explains that she thinks Zeus is being silly by keeping the Gods from contact with the world and closing Olympus.
  • As Juno, Hera is guardian of the state of Rome, and felt she had to protect folks. She heard a voice telling her about the spot with the cage, so off she went, but then she got trapped. Bad move, Hera.
  • Apparently this same thing happened before too. So really bad move, Hera. Learn from your mistakes, would you?
  • Monsters and wolves start to come out. Hera tells Jason to skedaddle, and says she won't be strong enough to appear to him again.
  • She also tells him he's a bridge, and that a dangerous mortal enemy waits in Chicago who might kill him.
  • Jason would like more useful info, but that's the end of this scheduled vision.
  • Jason awakens on the dragon, then they all do that thing where they tell us about things that already happened in the book in case we forgot.
  • They see a storm spirit and follow it.

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