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The Lost Hero Chapter 26

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Chapter 26


  • The storm spirit picks up other storm spirits, and our heroes follow them around Chicago buildings.
  • Then they dive into a creepy reflecting pool with monoliths beside it. (This is a real place—check out the "Best of the Web" section for more about it.)
  • They see the same evil face in the monolith that Leo saw in the porta potty. Evidently, this face gets around.
  • The storm spirits pop off a drain cover and head underground. The heroes decide to land and see if they can follow.
  • Before they send Festus off, Leo tells him to come back when he blows a whistle.
  • Piper's foot is hurting her again.
  • They find a ladder in the drain the spirits used, and down they all go.
  • They have to stop because Piper is wiped out. Leo says he'll pull food out of his magic belt. Wait—it makes food? Now we really want this belt.
  • Jason and Piper share a we're-not-boyfriend-girlfriend-yet-but-probably-soon moment.
  • Piper almost tells Jason about her dad being kidnapped, but not quite.
  • Piper curls up on Jason and falls asleep.
  • Jason reassures Leo that his fire powers don't make him a freak.
  • Eventually they journey on and find a directory that looks like it's for a department store. There's a cursive letter M.
  • The directory says that you can get magical appliances on one floor, poisons on another, and other unlikely and magical things elsewhere in the shop.
  • They decide to start at the top.
  • When they arrive, they find a fountain with two cages beside it. In one is a storm spirit; in another is Coach Hedge, frozen.
  • A woman appears in front of them.
  • She says she's foreign and asks them if she can help them. Jason likes her voice way too much.
  • He thinks she's not an enemy for reasons which aren't clear… unless he's been ensorcelled (try busting that word out to amaze your friends and boggle your enemies).
  • Piper is not so sure this lady isn't an enemy. Clever Piper.
  • Jason tells the woman who they are, and she is creepily interested in Jason's name.

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