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The Lost Hero Chapter 27

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Chapter 27


  • Piper is freaking out about the creepy evil saleslady, but Leo and Jason don't seem to think anything is wrong.
  • The saleslady takes them to look at potions, and points out one that cures anything.
  • Piper—staying clever—asks if it could cure lost memory.
  • Saleslady says it could.
  • Piper asks if she can have it, even if curing Jason would mean he'd leave her, because she cares about him that much. Aw.
  • Saleslady tells a story about how she helped a guy steal something from her dad, and Piper starts to remember the story.
  • Saleslady tries to charmspeak Piper into being willing to give her anything for the potion, but Piper resists.
  • Saleslady tells them they're going to the Bay Area, which is where the giant in Piper's visions is. She also says that they're going to die there, which seems like a pretty poor sales tactic, but Jason and Leo don't seem to mind.

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