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The Lost Hero Chapter 28

By Rick Riordan

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Chapter 28


  • Jason and Leo shop while Piper confronts the saleslady, who spouts more threatening creepiness.
  • Piper gets her to talk more about her past, and she explains that she helped cause her brother's death for the sake of the guy she left her home with.
  • She says the guy she fell for was the original Jason of the Argonauts, which means this lady is seriously old.
  • Saleslady shows Leo armored forges and other things in the appliance area, while Piper unsuccessfully tries to snap Jason out of the spell.
  • They go off to look at the storm spirits and Coach Hedge.
  • Saleslady says it will be a high price for them.
  • Piper tells Jason and Leo that this is Medea, the super evil sorceress from Greek legend. Jason and Leo are momentarily disturbed, but Shmoop is pretty relieved, since now we can refer to this lady by something other than Saleslady.
  • Medea explains that her patron brought her back from the dead, even though she's mortal and not a monster.
  • Piper tells the guys that Medea killed her own children, and Medea chimes in to say that she was actually the victim.
  • She also tells Leo and Jason to fight each other. She says she has a magic fountain that will revive them if they kill each other, but that's a big old l-i-e.
  • Leo and Jason are under her evil sway though, so they start preparing to kill each other.
  • Medea tells Piper not to interfere—with these two dead, she can get her dad back right away.
  • Medea reveals she's been manipulating Jane, Piper's dad's secretary. Piper always knew Jane was evil.
  • Medea also reveals that she was the one who told the earth lady to kill Leo's mom. Medea has been all up in everybody's business for a while now, it seems.
  • Piper gives one last try and succeeds at breaking Medea's spell.
  • Leo and Jason stop trying to fight each other and turn on Medea.
  • Medea actually says "Bah!" like a movie villain, and then she unleashes sun dragons.
  • Leo and Jason fight the sun dragons while Piper chases Medea up the escalator. Leo blows a whistle for Festus.
  • Medea gets to her evil potions, but Piper throws a shield, sending Medea crashing into the potions.
  • Medea wails like all super villains wail when their plans are foiled.
  • She says the potions will destroy everything.
  • Meanwhile Leo has been pinned by one of the dragons. It looks like the end….
  • But worry not. Festus flies through the ceiling, grabs the puny live dragons, and throws them back into their pits.
  • Medea yells to Piper to take her with them on the dragon so she can restore Jason's memory and save her father.
  • Piper is tempted, but then says no thanks.
  • They fly off as the department store explodes, carrying the cages with the storm spirit and Hedge. It's a pretty epic finish.

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