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The Lost Hero Chapter 29

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Chapter 29


  • As they fly away from Chicago, Festus is making ominous creaking and popping noises.
  • Leo is distressed because Medea made him want to fight Jason, and now he has to admit to himself that he really is jealous of Jason sometimes. He's also upset because it turns out his mom was killed because of his destiny, though it seems like he should have figured that out already.
  • Leo remembers that Medea said something about the Bay Area as their destination, but they decide they should find Aeolus first.
  • Jason sees a vapor trail leading to Aeolus, though the others can't see it.
  • They ask Piper about her dad, but she won't tell them whether he's in danger or what the deal is in general.
  • Leo falls asleep and—of course—has another vision.
  • This time his father, Hephaestus is visiting him.
  • Leo is mad at his dad for not being around, but Hephaestus says he's been keeping watch and even knows about Leo's fifth grade science project. Aw.
  • Hephaestus also says he's just bad at talking to people, and Leo stops being mad at him.
  • The god explains that gods can be in lots of places at once and have lots of kids, hence all the kids in Cabin Nine. Birds and bees, god-style.
  • Hephaestus also explains that Zeus has blocked communication out of Olympus, so Hephaestus is contacting Leo through pirate radio.
  • Apparently Zeus is embarrassed because the gods needed the demigods to help them in their battle, but then Percy refused the offer of being made immortal.
  • Zeus also hopes that laying low will make all the bad things go away, which seems like a not very smart tactic.
  • When the connection between Leo and Hephaestus is broken, Leo wakes up to Jason and Piper screaming.

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