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The Lost Hero Chapter 30

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Chapter 30


  • Festus is cold and he's falling.
  • Leo tells Jason to take Piper and fly off to lighten the load.
  • He fiddles with Festus's wires, and gets him to go into a glide. He spots a mansion with a big lawn where they can land.
  • But then spotlights come on and there's a giant boom.
  • When Leo wakes up, Piper and Jason are trying to get him to stay still, but up he gets anyway. Leo finds out that Festus has disintegrated.
  • Leo is very sad, but he goes to Festus's head and promises the dragon to reuse him.
  • He asks his dad to take the dragon back to the bunker, and Hephaestus—with all his magical god capabilities—does.
  • They figure out that Festus was shot with lasers.
  • Unable to get out of the closed gates, they decide to go into the mansion.

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