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The Lost Hero Chapter 31

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Chapter 31


  • There are lots of traps, but Leo deactivates them. Jason is impressed, but Leo is pretty glum about the dragon.
  • Jason feels guilty about the mean things he said to Leo while under Medea's influence.
  • The mansion is dark inside, and there don't seem to be any light switches. Leo tries to use his flame powers, but they aren't working here for some reason.
  • They bring the cages and just camp out in the house.
  • Jason apologizes for saying mean things to Leo, and they forgive each other.
  • Jason falls asleep and—for once—doesn't have a vision. He does wake up to the sound of yelling as always, though.
  • This time the yelling is coming from Coach Hedge, who is now awake.
  • Hedge thinks he's in the middle of a battle, but our heroes talk him down.
  • Hedge notices that everything in the room is gold. He also says it was destiny that they found him, and he's meant to protect them.
  • A pudgy guy comes into the room brushing his teeth and is surprised to find all these people in his throne room. He calls for his son, Lit, and Hedge leaps to attack.

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