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The Lost Hero Chapter 33

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Chapter 33


  • They had to dip Piper in the river to ungoldify her, but it's really cold, so now instead of being gold she has hypothermia.
  • They're on Pike's Peak in Colorado, of all places, after Jason followed the vapor trail and decided this was the place to stop.
  • Jason hugs Piper to try to warm her up. Can we get an aaw?
  • Coach Hedge reveals he's over one hundred years old and complains about not getting to fight more in the Titan War.
  • Piper spends some more time feeling guilty about betraying friends and worrying about her dad.
  • She thinks about her Grandpa Tom. Then she remembers a Cherokee story about a man who sacrifices his wife so that there can be peace between humans and rattlesnakes.
  • The guy learned a snake song. Grandpa Tom named her Piper because they thought she would be a great musician, in the tradition of snake song.
  • Piper wonders if Tom sensed her voice powers and knew that she was a child of Aphrodite.
  • Finally Piper decides to tell Jason and Leo that her dad's in trouble and she's been planning to betray them.
  • They don't blame her at all, which is sweet, and also reasonable, since she hasn't actually betrayed them.
  • Piper worries that she's doomed her dad by telling her friends, but Hedge says he doubts it. He figures the giant will keep him alive for leverage.
  • He also figures that Enceladus will kill Piper no matter what she does, since she's one of the seven in the prophecy. The takeaway here seems to be don't trust giants.
  • Leo and Jason insist that they can save her dad and rescue Hera. Also, they decide that Hera is probably being kept somewhere different from Piper's dad, since the whole point is to divert the demigods from saving Hera.
  • Jason has some memory coming back, but it's interrupted by wolves howling.

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